Industrial Sweeping And Scrubbing Services For Construction Site Cleaning Auckland

Home building or commercial property construction is a lengthy process that produces a huge amount of rubble and debris. Given the magnitude of dust and building waste that needs to be removed on completion of a building, the only way to properly deal with the task is to hire a professional construction site cleaning Auckland company to safely and effectively dispose of it. For an exceptional cleaning service look no further than KP Group Industrial & Cleaning Services for all your construction site cleaning requirements in the Auckland area as well as North Island wide.

Building Site Cleaning Auckland

Construction site cleaning Auckland after months of accumulation of all kinds of building materials is no easy job. It requires the professional expertise of a highly trained cleaning team and the use of the latest cleaning equipment, techniques, and products to remove every trace of unwanted dust and debris. KP Industrial Sweeping & Scrubbing services offer top-quality cleaning services to the following customers:

• Residential Home Builders and Renovators
• Property Development and Renovation Companies
• Commercial Contractors
• Shop Fitting Contractors

Home Building and Renovations

Cleaning up after a new home build or a renovation project can be laborious and time-consuming. Even if the removal of building rubble is included in a building contract, there is still a huge amount of interior and exterior cleaning that will need to be done before the building will be ready for occupation. Construction Site Cleaning Auckland provides the special cleaning services required to thoroughly clean new surfaces and building additions.
Services Included in New and Renovated Construction and Built Cleaning

KP Group’s expert cleaning teams are experienced and equipped to undertake any property cleaning tasks to exceptional standards. They will vacuum up all dust particles and thoroughly clean all surfaces with special equipment and appropriate products while taking the utmost care to preserve your valuable investment.
KP Group is the largest privately-owned industrial cleaning company in New Zealand. Since 1993 they have been operating out of Auckland and now also provide services in upper North Island. Their wide range of industrial cleaning services include:

• Industrial Floor Sweeping
• Building wash
• Industrial Floor Scrubbing
• Water and steam blasting
• Lawn and garden maintenance
• Industrial Vacuuming
• Cesspit and Drain cleaning
• Emergency spill recovery, response and flood cleanup
• Epoxy floor coatings and service
• Line Marking

With years of experience and professional expertise they are well placed to offer any extra services related to the industrial cleaning industry. They pride themselves on working together with their customers to achieve the best and most effective solutions for a cleaner and safer environment. With construction site cleaning Auckland you can achieve a level of clean that will increase the value of your property and help improve the health, safety, and comfort of everyone who lives in your home or works in your building.

Originally KP Group started off with one ride-on sweeping machine and one operator providing property maintenance services in the Auckland area. Today the company has expanded to owning more than 50 machines and employing more than 30 staff. They now provide sweeping, scrubbing, gardening, steam and water blasting, line marking, floor coatings, and many other related services to keep your environment clean and safe. Their fleet of industrial-strength cleaning machines can cover sites from 50 sq. to over 50,000 sq. m.